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The Amazing Energy of Fun

Surprisingly Simple Things You Can Do to Influence People, Be the Best at

Your Job, and Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room


Three ways to use this fun 60 minute presentation





Meet Your Peers

A Business Development Program


A bold new idea to find new customers and  keep the ones you have. Perfect supplement for your marketing, networking, cold calling, and customer retention programs.  It’s like making dozens of sales calls on the decision makers—on one appointment! (Request free PDF flyer for details for how to conduct your own program.)

Keynote or Break-out Sessions

Ideal for national and regional meetings.


Staff Meetings


Get more out of all your employees—management, sales, service, and admin.  They’ll learn new skills to do their jobs better and have fun doing it.


Request this FREE PDF flyer for

details and program outline.

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Request FREE PDF flyer for

details and program outline.

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Remembering Names—It’s

Not Magic If You Know

How It’s Done

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Speaking Fees

Your speaking fee is whatever your Big Cheese’s budget allows—or nothing at all!

Request free PDF flyer for details.

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